Electrical Repair and Prevention: The Role of Surge Diverters in ProtectingYour Home

Electrical safety is of utmost importance. A common cause of problems is electrical surges, often leading to the need for electrical repairs and appliance replacement.

In this blog, we will focus on an important feature you can install in your home that will improve overall electrical safety. Surge diverters are the unsung heroes for preventing damage to your gadgets, appliances and, indeed, your whole electrical system.

What Causes Surges?

Electrical surges are spikes in the local voltage of your electrical system. These spikes can last for only milliseconds but are still powerful enough to cause significant damage to your appliances and, potentially, your entire electrical system.

When an unexpectedly high amount of electrical current passes through an electronic device, it can wreak havoc with its delicate circuitry, causing anything from minor damage to outright failure.

Electrical spikes like this can be caused by lightning strikes, power outages, tripped circuit breakers and even faulty or high-powered appliances plugged into your own system.

2 Types Of Surge Diverters

There are essentially two types of surge diverters:

  • Plug-in Protectors: Offering protection at an outlet for specific appliances or gadgets plugged in at that power point.
  • Whole System Protectors: These are installed on your main electrical panel and protect your entire system.

Protect Your Electronic Devices

Devices such as computers, laptops, TVs, fridges, HVAC systems and home security systems are the most susceptible to damage from sudden power surges. A plug-in surge protector will act as the first line of defence against unexpected electrical spikes. They work by absorbing the excess power before it reaches your device.

Protecting Your Whole Electrical System

It is advisable to have your skilled electrical team install a whole-house electrical diverter to protect your entire household. These robust units are installed on your main electrical panel and divert excess charge from your system into the earth before damage occurs.

The diverters protect all devices plugged in on the system and all other components like wiring, outlets, switches and more, giving you peace of mind for enhanced electrical safety for your home.

Avoid unnecessary electrical repairs by installing surge diverters in your home. Contact Electrical Contracting Queensland today to find out how we can improve the electrical safety of your property with these innovative devices.