Due for a Switchboard Upgrade?

Avoid minor fuse box issues becoming full-on nightmares. Call us for electrical repair services and switchboard upgrades.

Does Your Switchboard (Fuse Box) Look Like This?


A safe switchboard with new switches installed.

Your switchboard is the central point for your home and building’s electrical circuits, and can provide a first sign that there may be issues with wiring elsewhere in your home or building.

It isn’t worth your family’s safety, call one of our electricians right now!

Electrical fuse box or switchboard repairs and replacements should be completed promptly, by a licenced and qualified electrician, to prevent any safety or fire hazards in your home or business. 

A safe switchboard with new switches installed.

Fuse and switchboard repair and replacements

Bring new life to your switchboard for a healthier electrical system

We excel at switchboard repairs and upgrades to boost the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems. Our team brings over ten years of experience, coupling dedication with skill to offer dependable solutions for your fuse box and electrical repair needs—no matter the size of the job.

In our fast-moving world, robust electrical systems are vital for powering homes, businesses, and industries. Issues with switchboards, fuse boxes, or safety switches can cause significant disruptions, safety risks, and expensive downtime. We’re here to help, whether you need prompt repairs for urgent issues or comprehensive upgrades to boost your system’s performance and capacity.

Our top priorities are delivering excellent quality, ensuring safety, and achieving customer satisfaction. We use the latest tools and follow best industry practices to ensure your switchboard work is done efficiently and meets the highest standards.

Still not sure if a switchboard (fuse box) upgrade is what you need right now?


South Brisbane Switchboard Electricians

Our licensed and experienced electricians are fully qualified to take care of your switchboard, circuit breaker or fuse box. We offer complete switchboard repairs and maintenance, and upgrades from outdated fuse boxes to a switchboard with safety switch. 

Speak to our team of qualified electricians about your switchboard installation, upgrade or repairs, for all businesses and homes in South Brisbane.  

When it comes to the safety of your home or building, trust a licenced electrician for your fuse board upgrades, and switchboard installation. At Electrical Contracting Queensland, our team of licenced electricians deliver fast, safe and reliable work, providing switchboard installations and electrical switchboard repairs across south Brisbane homes and businesses. 

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